Global Uranium Wyoming Assets


Wyoming boasts a rich history of uranium production and is home to active uranium mining and historic mineral resources, with Global Uranium holding 5,040 acres of land.

The Great Divide Basin District: 80M lbs. past production, 90-150M lbs resource

  • Hosts Ur-Energy Inc’s (URE) producing Lost Creek ISR uranium processing plant and the 18M lbs of U₃O₈ Lost Creek deposit. Other known deposits in the vicinity include URE’s Lost Soldier and Uranium Energy Corp’s (UEC) Jab and Antelope deposits. These deposits total 95M lbs of U₃O₈


Gas Hills Uranium District: 100M lbs. past production, 50-100M lbs resource

  • The #1 uranium mining area in Wyoming. Past production in the Gas Hills exceeded 100M lbs of U₃O₈. Historical and recent reports suggest 50-100M lbs of U₃O₈ resources remain in the Gas Hills, with significant discovery potential in the less explored areas to the south, in the Beaver Rim area.


Copper Mountain Uranium District: 500,000 lbs. past production, 15.7 M to 30.1M lbs. potential

  • Hosts several known uranium deposits and historic uranium mines, including the Arrowhead Mine which produced 500,000 lbs of U₃O₈. Copper Mountain saw extensive drilling and development by Union Pacific, which developed a mine plan and built a leach pad for one of the deposits at Copper Mountain.

Great Divide Basin Projects

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Gas Hills Uranium Project

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